Grounding of Group 6

I was so pleasantly surprised to run across this in my Bloglines.  I LOVED The Grounding of Group 6 when I was younger.  When I ran across it on the shelves when I first came to this school I was so excited, couldn’t wait to re-read it.  I thought maybe I was the only one who had ever read it.  I refuse to weed it for sentimental purposes – despite the fact that it is old and falling apart, and I don’t think it has been read in the last five years.  But seriously,  a group of parents whose parents sent them away to school so they could be killed??????  How awesome is that plot line?!?

It was so much fun to browse the comments on the Jezebel post.  (BTW – at school???? Jezebel is blocked, sorry.)   I can”t wait to see what else Jezebel digs up.