Book Ads

Every night when I go to bed I hear this ad (A Long Way From Chicago)on the radio.  There is another one I hear once in a while for Esperanza Rising.  They are part of the Lifelong Literacy campaign from the Library of Congress.  One of the things that I like about the ad is that it doesn’t identify either book as a “children’s book.”  The Physics Teacher asked me if I knew the book, because he was hoping I could tell him what happened next.  He recognized that it was probably YA or middle grade and was hoping I knew what happened next.  I told him to read the book.  🙂

I wonder about this ad campaign.  I used to hear James Patterson ads on the radio – they always make me gnash my teeth – so there must be some evidence that audiotory advertisement works or is it that Patterson’s books make such an obscence amount of money that throwing it away on radio announcements is ok?  But do you think an adult listener would be interested enough to try and find the book and read it?  Or will they just pick it up for the kids in their life?  Does advertising on the radio work for books?

I know one of the reasons I hear the ads so much is I am listening to local sports radio, small station, small town.  They play ads over, and over, and over.  And they rely heavily on PSAs which of course this is.

Has anyone else heard them?  Do you think they work?  What do you think about the ad?


My Life as a Reader

I have let this blog languish before, not posting for weeks.  But I was never not reading during that time.  If I wasn’t particularly inspired to love or hate a book I would slack off and never actually write a post.  I’ve never been a dedicated blogger, or diarist (personal or public)for that matter.  But things have changed recently and I am finding it difficult to reconcile my new roles, and as a result for the first time in 15 years my YA reading is languishing a bit.

I took a leave of absence and went back to school.  If I am being honest I don’t know if it is a leave or a resignation, that changes once or twice a week.  But I am home, being a scholar.  On the surface this is a wonderful thing.  At the moment I am in a lounge in my backyard, in the sun while I write this.  I spent a good portion of my day here reading.  See this is the thing about my new role as scholar.  I read.  A lot.  I read about information literacy, media literacy, critical literacy, and adolescent literacy.  I read about teens as content creators, media consumers, social networks, and convergent cultures.  And it is fascinating, I am enjoying it.  But I can only put in so many hours a day reading Generation M or Adolescent Literacy in Historical Context.

Still when I go to break, and I consider my options about what to do I cannot make myself read a novel, or for pleasure at all.  It is no longer pleasurable because I feel guilty.  I could be reading the next article rather than that ARC that has been gathering dust.

And so I find myself wondering about roles, and balance, and how to pick up a book to read because I want to enjoy something without the highlighter and notes in my hand.

I knew the nature of this blog would change, that I’d read significantly less YA.  I started a blog that is private for now to explore my processes while working on the dissertation, although I find that I don’t write there unless I am frustrated about something, which is what I knew would happen since I only journal when I am excited/angry.  But what I don’t know is what now?  Will I come back to this?  And for what purpose?  Who is my new audience (the one in my head, not my actual 2 readers)?

I am just not quite sure.

Nick and Norah

The more I watch this the more I love Michael Cera.  I had issues with the book, but because of Cera I am looking forward to this movie.

Breaking Dawn with Spoilers

I knew Stephenie Meyer couldn’t finish off a series without pissing off a bunch of her fans but holy crap she really stepped in it didn’t she? Read some of the reviews floating around out there…… to people like me who have nothing invested in the series it is a little amusing.

I went to the release party because I went with someone I hadn’t seen in a while and it was great to catch up. But then there I was trying to work and the book was sitting there sort of taunting me – so I read it.

Up front – I enjoyed Twilight, tolerated New Moon, hated Eclipse. I am no fan of Bella, think Edward is a control freak, and Jacob is a remarkable ass. I read to see how she would wrap it up, out of some sense of professional obligation, and because I enjoy the discussions with Twilight fans. I am not rude about my opinions to them, and I am genuinely interested in their feelings about the book.

So – I was totally surprised at getting sucked into this book.

The first part seemed to be more of the same, Bella annoying the hell out of me not wanting a wedding, all insecure, and somewhat resentful of having to go through this to get what she wants. Edward being over protective, and amused by her antics, and Jacob being melodramatic. And of course I knew she was pregnant many many pages before Bella did, god that girl is freakin’ dense. The foreshadowing dreams were not exactly subtle, you knew immediately what was coming. Even if “Vampires can’t have babies.”

I liked the switch from Bella to Jacob. First off could you imagine being in Bella’s head during that pregnancy where she is all self sacrificing, and watching Edward be the protective ass he usually is. GAH! No thanks. But also I guess I felt a little more for Jake, who did kind of irritate me in a nonspecific way before. But imprinting?????? Again saw it coming several pages before hand, and I still don’t know what I think. I’m not all freaked out about the infant thing, it just seemed a mighty convenient way to deal with Jake, and give Bella a family she wants. I sort of can understand how you can make the leap that Jake’s attraction to Bella has always been about the child she was fated to have.

See this gets at one of things that interests me on a philosophical level – what is the role of fate? I was bothered at the end of Eclipse because Bella just sort assumes it is fated she be with Edward, and there doesn’t seem to be free will. But since there is all this talk about choice, it was like she was manipulated into believing in fate. And then the same sort of conflict happens in Breaking Dawn – lots of talk about free will with Jacob leaving the pack and whether or not the Cullens broke the treaty but . . . becoming a vampire isn’t really Bella’s choice, it is the only way to stay alive after “giving birth” to a baby she isn’t supposed to be able to conceive. So again its like the fates intervened or something, particularly given all the dreams Bella had before she even got married. And that is how I can understand the weird Jacob-imprints- Bella’s- child. I don’t know enough about Mormonism to understand how Meyer might view all this, it is just something I wonder about.

As for the rest. . . well you had to have a happy ending, beat the Volturi, expose their nefarious plans blah blah blah. If there was a part I could have stood being edited it down it was the wait for the Volturi to come. But you know, whatever.

I thought the kid was a little creepy honestly.

Can’t wait to talk the fans I know.

Oh- and I didn’t think the writing was any worse than in the first three – come on people, she always wrote a little florid and over the top, with lots of snarls and hisses.

all done

all you team edward folks are going to be oh so happy.

More when I have time to digest.


OK I am trying hard to not post spoilers but was I supposed to find

“You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?”

as funny as I did?

Admittedly, I didn’t want to like this but I am quite entertained.

still reading

I like the narrator switch to Jacob’s point of view.  What do you think?

Even if – holy crap I didn’t really see that coming.