Boy Toy

I thought I was done reading about damaged people, I tried to move on, I did. I read some things for review (The Assist, Loving Natalie, and something else I have forgotten the title of which is NEVER a good sign) and a few other things here and there but Boy Toy was calling my name.

It starts with a list of things Josh learned at age 12 – a list that ends with “How to please a woman“.

See that is the open secret in Josh’s town – that at age 12 he was molested by his teacher, who has been in jail. Until now.

Coach Kaltenbach shouldn’t have said it. He shouldn’t have opened his big, fat stupid mouth. Because if he hadn’t of said it, then I wouldn’t have heard it. And I wouldn’t have to hit him so hard that his head left a dent on the lowest bleacher when he collapsed.

Now Eve is getting out, released five years later. And Josh is so close to leaving, escaping to college. Still there is unfinished business – between Josh and Rachel (the girl in the closet that led to his secret being, well, not so secret),

I realize – and honest to God, this is the first time I’ve realized this – that I’ve never apologized to her. (Her being Rachel)

and with Eve, the teacher,

. . .remorse is about having a sense of guilt for something in the past. Regret is about being sorry. Two different things. It is subtle, but they are different. Which one did Eve claim?

and really with Josh himself.

One time he said, “Look this is going to upset you, but I’m going to ask it anyway: Who are you angry at? Are you angry at Evelyn Sherman for abusing you or at yourself for letting it happen?

What struck me was the end, the revelation Josh has about his involvement, his molestation. A revelation that has to be hammered into to him in an intense scene between Josh and Eve.

If I had one reservation it was Rachel. Her involvement in Josh’s life as a senior, how honest she is right away, and how open and aggressive she is. Seems to me if a boy broke your heart once, you’d just be a little more careful the second time around, a little wary, a little less forward. Of course it is necessary to move Josh along, no doubt but still it didn’t feel quite right.

I liked Boy Toy, it was thoughtful , not sensationalistic which it could be.