How Not to Be Popular

I never finished Stargirl, she just annoyed me a little too much.  Maggie’s attempts to be not popular, which backfire, are a little more, well real.  They are selfish, and hurtful, and as she finally realizes not all that different than trying to be popular.  I get it, here she is on her 10th high school!!!!  that is a lot of coming and going, a lot of leaving.  And she is 100% convinced this is another temporary stop.  This is a weird kind of take off on the teen movie where the unpopular girl becomes popular, John Hughes-like.  In my generation it was Pretty in Pink (well, sort of) and wasn’t there some move with Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinz Jr.?  Reading this felt like watching a movie.  Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did.  I liked all the “characters” but it did have an unrealistic Hollywood movie tone to it.    Who doesn’t enjoy one of those now and then?

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