Clear Eyes, Full Hearts,

Can’t even finish the game????  I love this show but this episode was just painful, every freaking moment was bleak.  Well except Tami and the coin toss, and I was so grateful for that little moment.  Please, please, I need some light.



The thing is there is always just enough bitter with the sweet- Saracen-redemption, loses just so it isn’t too perfect.
But Joe McCoy makes my stomach hurt.

so I kinda hate

the Giving Tree which is why Landry’s speech to Tyra was so freakin’ awesome.

Sorry couldn’t find a clip so it is full episode.

Friday Night Lights

How long has Riggins been in school? What is he – like a 6th year senior? and how come he gets to keep missing practice? FNL gets a lot right but those questions keep bugging me…