Crushes Revisited Part II

2 nights ago – Marcus Flutie, last night Owen Armstrong.  Hmmmm…………….. who next?


Literary Crushes

Instead of ALL the work I should be doing I indulged in some Marcus Flutie crushing.  Maybe tonight I continue my inappropriate crushing and watch a little Tim Riggins.


I almost didn’t write about this.   I don’t always write when I don’t have much to say, and there isn’t so much excitement about this that I have a lot to say.  I am a big fan of both fairy tale re-tellings and cross species relationships.  As a Beauty and the Beast redux this sort of covers both.  Kyle Kingsbury is such an ass it is difficult to read the first half of the book – which is the point.  He is such an ass a witch turns him into a Beast which alienates him from his shallow selfish friends, and even more shallow father.   He has 2 years and a magic mirror to find true love.  He alternates between hope and despair, even after in a completely preposterous scene he convinces some dude to bring his daughter to him.  Who just so happens to be a girl he sort of knows, or at least knows of, and has watched in that magic mirror.  And then we enter the romantic comedy phase of the story – you know the falling in love, miscommunication, I can’t wait for these 2 to get together phase.  Which since I am in a romantic comedy phase in my life I enjoyed.  And of course there was the pressure ending, will he save the girl?  will she save him?

I wanted to like it more, and it was ok and all, but it didn’t blow me away or anything.