I haven’t really been reading because, among other things, I have been re-watching Firefly.   I wish Joss would come back to t.v.

Fourth Comings

Occasionally when I read a book I have such a deeply personal reaction to it I don’t want to post that much about it. Fourth Comings is one of those. . . so lets just say that I enjoyed it more, much more than Charmed Thirds. I liked Jess’ voice, it was point on.

All Done . . .

Why does Bella’s choice feel like the wrong one?  Like it wasn’t really her choice?  all free will vanished and she does what is forced on her and not what she truly, in her heart wants?


I stopped and picked up Eclipse and Fourth Comings on the way home yesterday. I had four more hours to drive and it was all I could do not to read the end of Eclipse. I am home now and into the book (all 600 + pages, jeez!) so far better than New Moon, not as good as Twilight. More later.


I am sorry I know I promised to have this on the seventh and be reading it so I can not be behind and everything but I am out of the country img_1276.jpguntil then so I will TRY to have it on the night and the 7th and be done by the weekend. Meanwhile if you want to feel free to use the comments to tell me what you think. Spoilers ok so reader beware.