Long May She Reign

I resisted reading this for a while because I just could NOT GET PAST THE COVER, no matter how much anyone explained it to me. (Mona Lisa)

But despite what I felt was an icky cover, it sounded interesting. Meg, the President’s daughter is recovering from a kidnapping and brutal escape. And people I respected liked it so I read it.

It has been a long time since I took my time with a book, but I really did with this one. Partially because it was long – 720 pages, and partially because it was intense – Meg and her family really haven’t recovered, and partially because it moved slow in places which I ended up not minding at all. There are prequels to this that were published a while ago (1989) which I hadn’t read but they are being re-released and I am looking forward to at least the one in which she gets kidnapped. I liked Meg, she had a sense of humor but she is still pretty damaged, and not just physically and in the obvious ways, but in other not so obvious ways as well. In fact I am pretty sure she isn’t aware of all the ways she is messed up. She also isn’t really aware of how much of a survivor she is, navigating college as the President’s daughter, a paparazzi stalked celebrity, potential target of terrorists, and still in pain isn’t all that easy.

I really flew through the last 100 pages, we were on a trip and I read while my husband drove. Good thing there wasn’t anything interesting to look at, I wouldn’t have noticed.

Overall I enjoyed this, a little depressing but still good, and am looking forward to some earlier books.