Voices in my Head

I am not a fan of audio books. I have always attributed this to not being able to focus and pay attention to the story. I would be doing something else and miss large chunks of the story. Recently I learned something about myself regarding the way I read and audio books that I had never considered. While backpacking I took time to listen to an audio book with no distractions. I am not a visual reader, I don’t see pictures in my head when I read. Voice is probably the most important element in making me go WOW! about a book. So listening to an audio book of a series I have read over the past ten years was a big aha! experience. The voice of one of the main characters was COMPLETELY wrong. I hear voices when I read, I don’t see pictures. Oh I get it now. I finally understand why people get so upset over movie adaptations, casting issues, etc. It was so annoying! It is interesting to learn something about my reading process at this stage in my life, and from now on I am just going to accept that I don’t like audio books, and that is just fine. I don’t have to. HHMMPH! OK, maybe I don’t need to be quite so dramatic about that statement but I am done feeling like there might be something wrong with me because I haven’t climbed on the audio band wagon. Happy listening!