Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover

So here is the deal – once upon a time (when I was, I don’t know, 8 or 9) I wanted to be a spy.  Not a Harriet the Spy* kind of spy because I don’t know she seemed kind of mean (gasp, gasp) but a Nancy Drew kind of detective/spy.  So the Gallagher Girls series reminds me of wanting to be a spy.

Gallagher Girls are specially trained teenage girls, trained in encryption, and covert ops, and protection and enforcement (?, I think that is what the E is for).  They have fun tools, live in a mansion with secret hiding spots and passageways, and take classes in disguise.  They are trained in the ways of being a spy.  This does not including training in boys per se, which can be a problem.  Which isn’t to say there are no boys – in Book 2 a whole class of boys spies came to visit.  They are also not trained in the ways of family dynamics, which is more the focus of Book 3.

Macey McHenry’s father is running for Vice President, which means campaigning with her family.  Which Macey doesn’t really enjoy.  When a kidnap attempt fails at the convention Macey enjoys it even less, her safety seems at risk when she takes the stage at rallies.  But she must.  Cam, Bex, and Liz do what they can to protect her, but this means avoiding the Secret Service, and Cam’s glamorous and dangerous Aunt.  Easier said than done, but they are Gallagher Girls.  Of course, in the life of a spy nothing is as it seems . . . .

This title doesn’t stand on its own as it continues Cam’s relationship with and to Zach, and in the end the answers aren’t what you expect, and more questions exist.  Such is the life of a spy.  But as always its a fun read, if a little more serious than the previous books.

*I have a love/hate relationship with Harriet.  I get her, but I remember when I first read the book I felt sad and kind of sick to my stomach for Sport and Janie when they read her journal, and I felt bad for a lot of the sad lives of the adults she spied on (not all, just some).  But I read it over and over again because there was just something about Harriet.


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This is a quick example of Animoto – a video I created just to give you a bit of background on my experience.

Here is a longer biography:

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1991 with a degree in Literature.

I received a teaching credential in 1994 from Sonoma State.

I taught 7th grade English at Golden West Middle School for four years – where I met a fabulous school librarian and realized he had the job I wanted.

I was the teacher librarian at Bohannon Middle School while I finished my MLIS.

I received my MLIS from SJSU in 1999.

I was the teacher librarian at Arcata High School until 2008.

I served on Quick Picks for Young Adults (among other YALSA activities)

I served on AASL‘s Board of Directors (Among other AASL activities)

I served as CSLA Northern Section President (among other CSLA activities)

I entered the SJSU/QUT Gateway to a PhD program in 2008.