2 Way Street

I just finished Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt.  It is a romantic comedy.  I am a Rom-com fan which is slightly embarrassing, as if enjoying a romantic comedy somehow makes me a lesser person.  I just never really embrace it – i hide the chick flicks on my Netflix, and I always cringe a bit when I buy chick lit (which I only read for teens, can’t stand 20-something chick lit), I never even admit here how much I read but you know what?? to hell with it.  I like predictable romantic comedy plots – the pair that should be but isn’t but you know will be by the end but not without a crisis first, I enjoy it.  And so I enjoyed Two-Way Street.

Courtney and Jordan are on their way to college – which is damn awkward since Jordan broke up with Courtney 2 weeks ago for some girl he met on MySpace.  Except he didn’t – he has another reason for breaking Courtney’s heart which bizarrely enough has to do with NOT breaking her heart.  Whatever to the overly complicated boy logic.  The story goes back and forth in perspective and time, and makes its bumpy way to the inevitable end.  I wish for more BJ and Jocelyn, the best friends who are a little more interesting as best friends in these types of things usually are.  And the secret isn’t all that secret, in fact Jordan gives it up to the reader pretty quick.  And frankly it could, you know, complicate a relationship quite a bit.  I like the characters, I enjoyed the journey, great summer beachy read, not all dark, depressing and serious.  Not the kind of book I am going to overly analyze or write a serious review – which I don’t do for the blog anyway – but you know one I can recommend.