48 Hr Book Challenge

This blog has languished, I have considered killing it but I still reference it from time to time.  Well, lucky for me I didn’t because I have decided to put away PhD’er guilt for the next 48 hours and read YA (which I miss )for the 48 hour challenge.  Now truth be told it isn’t like I havent been reading some YA, it isn’t all information practices in the modern age reading, but I usually just update my goodreads and not blog after because well, blogging takes time and there is this sense of why exactly am I doing this?  But give me a purpose!  Now I can blog for that.  Can’t say for sure this blog won’t languish after this but for now I am back.  (librarygrl, not cheeky reader who has obviously disappeared as well).  So I am off – promised a friend I’d finish the Hunger Games trilogy so that will be my starting point (see?!?  SEE?!? how behind I am).

Starting time Friday 7:30 am.


3 Responses

  1. Hey–from a former PhD student who made it, I congratulate you and tell you to not feel guilty to take a little time for yourself. I’ll be reading tomorrow and Sunday…

  2. Go! Go! Go!
    Read that book!
    This is me cheering you on-with bright silver pom poms!

  3. Hey, what a great reason to dust off a blog! I’m honored! I’ll look forward to what you think of the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s a gift to be able to enjoy it for the first time – with no waiting between books even. Happy Reading!

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