Vampires: A phase or eternal?

I have been waiting for today ever since I pre-ordered the final Sookie Stackhouse story to download directly to my Kindle…two months ago.  Unlike my friend, I am obsessed with vampiric fiction.  It is shamefully trendy, I know!  From Vampire Diaries to Cirque du Freak to Twilight, I am a vamphile.  I was excited to see the Eclipse trailer on a friend’s Facebook page.  That’s where I am at the moment. 

When considering this entry, I’ve racked brain: what is the metaphor?  (I was destined to be an English teacher).  What do vampires represent?  Why the vampire-mania?  In Buffy’s time, vampires were only good for slaying, but now, they are objects of desire — undead heroes that cause females to swoon and swear undying love. And yeah, the pun is intended.  Because, according to one of my 7th grade girls, some girls are just obsessed with Edward Cullen only and some are obsessed with the idea of him: the idea of true love lasting forever and forever inhabiting perfect, youthful bodies.  

And maybe that’s what they represent: youth, beauty, love and reliability.  At the moment, I think it’s fair to say times are hard and that those universally admired attributes seem to be in short supply.  Have you read CNN today? Oil slicks, teacher strikes, car bombs and the ever-present missing woman, presumed murdered by boyfriend or husband.  Unlike real life, when you snuggle into the couch with popcorn, a diet 7-Up and a novel with a dashing vampire, you know what you are going to get.  You can count on them to stick around because they never die.  Remember, the good vampires, Stefan and Edward, don’t kill humans.  They are noble and self-sacrificing.  They struggle with the moral implications of being the undead and just need a good woman to love ’em up!  

Vampire fiction is cheesy, predictable and a little embarrassing, and it gives readers the means to escape into the dream of true love forever and ever and ever.  And they lived happily ever after, forever, and never grew old. The end.


4 Responses

  1. even if Buffy’s time oh so long ago vampires were good for more than slaying, my first and truest vampire crush – Angel, vampire with a soul; and Spike were worth more than a good slay. And btw is Buffy a good girl? although I dare say she got mightly punished when she lost her virginity. But no doubt Bella and Edward pushed me over the top. Stop! Stop with the vampires I say, but you cheeky reader should read Shiver.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by True Blood Sucker, Mary Ann Harlan. Mary Ann Harlan said: Vampires: A phase or eternal?: I have been waiting for today ever since I pre-ordered the final Sookie Stackhouse … […]

  3. Shiver downloading to Kindle now. Sookie is not on my Kindle and is not available for downloading…not as technologically advanced as I thought!

  4. I am thinking the vampire craze, especially for girls, is the illusion that one can have the “bad boy” and still be loved protected by them. That is a dangerous idea for girls in the real world where the bad boys might really be, well…bad.

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