Letting Go of the Knife

So despite some loud epithets and book throwing (spoiler at link)I finished The Knife of Never Letting Go.  What is 120 pages right?

It wasn’t really my cup of tea – set in some unnamed future on some unnamed planet.  Men, boys, and animals thoughts are broadcast, but interestingly enough not women’s or girl’s.  They call it noise, and while some secrets can’t be hidden, some can. In  Prentisstown only men exist, and on your 13th birthday you become a man – in some mysterious way.

Todd is forced to flee shortly before he becomes a man, running though a forest away from an army  and a mad man with a strange girl.  Viola is not the only surprising thing Todd discovers, as he had thought New Prentisstown was all there was on the new world, and that girls had long ago died off.  Along the way he learns the horrible secrets of the men he had always been surround by, including the fate of Prentisstown women.  It is fast paced, adventurous, overloaded with ‘stuff to talk about’, included the nature of good and evil, information overload, colonization.  But despite all of  that I had to force myself to finish and found myself getting bored.  This is because it isn’t my reading preference, not because it wasn’t plotted well with enough character development.  I would book talk it, recommend it particularly to middle school kids, but I won’t read Book 2 or 3.


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