Really cheekyreader? Really?

O.K. so I have welcomed cheekyreader to Libr*fiti. I did this for 2 reasons – this first is that as my life has taken a turn from where I was when I started the blog and I am not keeping up in a manner that I would like, and I figure that another contributor will help. The other reason should be evident by her introduction – we don’t always have the same take on things and I thought it might be an interesting dynamic to have on this blog.

That being said – Good girls don’t have sex?!? Really?!? You are going THERE?!?. There is nothing more annoying than moralizing in a book or t.v. show in an after school special kind of way. You know – Quinn is pregnant, EBC is well, evil, etc. In fact I thought Glee’s choices in who went through with it and who didn’t was a cop out and stereotypical. I am not so sure we should be so hung up on sex in that American puritanical kind of way. Shouldn’t we take a more healthy approach, which admits that good girls not only have sex, it doesn’t have to be a negative thing?
Also I am pretty sure Las Chicas are not entirely representative of all girls that age. Particularly since the teen in my life announced it was a boring episode because nothing happened…… Read into that what you will. Then again like the chicas, the more singing the better.

And of course all of this has particular resonance in terms of YA, it has taken a while to break the problem novel model of ‘punishing’ those who have sex (girls) with pregnancy, abortion, hell even death but I feel it necessary now to remind everyone of Forever – meeting ‘Ralph’ didn’t ruin the girl’s life. What does it say that I remember the penis name but not the name of the girl? So there – good girls do have sex.


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