In the year 2036 kidnapping has become a big business – and so has security. So Charity is prepared when she is Taken, she cooperates with the kidnappers, tries not to panic, and counts the hours as she waits for the ransom drop. In order to stay calm she tries to remember every detail about the days leading up to her kidnapping. Which is why a savvy reader might figure out what is happening before Charity does.
Bloor creates a world in the future in which currency is king, after a credit collapse (the copyright on this is 2007 – hmmmm…….), and rich people not only live lives separate from everyone else in terms of security but also in terms of awareness. For instance Charity’s live in maid and butler have ‘adopted work names’ of Victoria and Albert. There is some subtle, and not- so subtle social commentary going on in this book.
All of that aside there is also suspense, and a little bit of action.
Overall I wouldn’t say Bloor has done a phenomenal job on this one. It tried to hard to make a statement, at the same time the plot never generated a lot of questions and suspense.
Still I read it in one take, and I’d recommend it for middle schoolers.

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