For all the buzz about this book I had a difficult time getting into it, although that may say more about me as a reader, than the story.

Grace, stolen by wolves from a swing in her backyard, bitten, and remarkably saved, has a connection, maybe an obsession with the wolves in the woods by her house.  When a classmate is killed, attacked by wolves, Grace fears for their safety.  When Sam appears on her deck, bloody from a gun shot, she is not totally prepared for what she learns and yet somehow, she is.

It is not giving a way a plot secret to acknowledge that Sam is a wolf, bitten as a child he cycles between human and wolf form based on the temperature.  Shiver is both the love story  of Sam and Grace, and the story of the wolves lives. There is danger in the form of new and old wolves, the worry of the coming winter, and the reality of the wolves lives.

It is inevitable that this book will be compared to Twilight.  It is a better written book, the characters more subtly and finely drawn.  HOWEVER, one of the successful elements of Twilight (not the rest) was the atmospherics of the setting.  It created a mood.  Shiver should have this element – with the frozen woods, and the coming winter, but it never really developed for me.

Leaving aside the obvious comparison – it is an all-consuming love story, made convenient by Grace’s relatively absent parents. It has the intensity of love at first sight romance, the fairy tale of soul mates, and the longing of troubled lovers.  Frankly for a sense of hot longing, I prefer Wake.

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2 Responses

  1. I pretty much felt the same way about this book. Even thought Maggie Stiefvater doesn’t like Twilight or being compared to it, I noticed many parallels to the story as well. In one spot I stopped and had to reread the paragraph again because for a moment it felt like Edward Cullen had spoken, not Sam. Was Wake a good book? I’ve been meaning to read that for some time…

    • The writing in Wake isn’t going to blow anyone away; and there is a fair amount of predictability – but it was surprisingly sexyhot for a book with no sex. It was a quick read, and I enjoyed.

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