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This is a quick example of Animoto – a video I created just to give you a bit of background on my experience.

Here is a longer biography:

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1991 with a degree in Literature.

I received a teaching credential in 1994 from Sonoma State.

I taught 7th grade English at Golden West Middle School for four years – where I met a fabulous school librarian and realized he had the job I wanted.

I was the teacher librarian at Bohannon Middle School while I finished my MLIS.

I received my MLIS from SJSU in 1999.

I was the teacher librarian at Arcata High School until 2008.

I served on Quick Picks for Young Adults (among other YALSA activities)

I served on AASL‘s Board of Directors (Among other AASL activities)

I served as CSLA Northern Section President (among other CSLA activities)

I entered the SJSU/QUT Gateway to a PhD program in 2008.


3 Responses

  1. I teach 7th grade English, and I write YA books as a side hobby. Since you’re obviously in the library business, you might want a copy of my New Moon party planner. I posted it on my blog. I don’t want to steer traffic away from your site, so I’ll just say this: if you click on my name in the comment here, it’ll probably take you to my site. Then you can search for my recent New Moon posts, by using the search button. I’ve got New Moon games, prize ideas, food ideas, that sort of thing.

    Also, I’m wondering if you’re into e-Books. If so, which e-Book medium do you recommend? Kindle? B&N? Another one? Maybe you could do a post on this topic. I look through my own comments in wordpress now and then, and I’ll swing back here later this week to see if you posted anything about e-Book readers.

    • Mechelle,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll check out the New Moon stuff, as well as your blog. As for e-readers I can’t compare because I have a Kindle, I chose that because of the ease of use in regards to the library and because it met my needs for academic purposes. Here were my initial first thoughts posted on Facebook.

      I am surprised at how easy it is to read on it. I was worried the screen would be too small, but I got used to it quickly. Also the eink is truly easy on the eyes which was the purchase point for me. I needed something where I could read long documents, like dissertations, without killing the trees by printing them. also replacing ink in the printer was getting to be quite expensive. And I can read outside in the sun which I can’t do on the computer even if it didn’t give me a headache. So far for me the pdf conversion has worked well. As most reviews have pointed out the redesign is slicker, but I still accidentally turn pages, and the flashing to black on a page turn can be distracting, but usually only if I am already distracted. Mostly I don’t notice it.
      I have also read 2 books for pleasure, and I like reading this way. It always keeps my place,for longer books its not like it is too heavy (I read 1000 page book over break and I couldn’t read in bed because the book was too heavy to be read comfortably). Although I can’t skip to the last page like I sometimes like to do. Also I wonder at how books that incorporate visual text – changes in font size or style, will work on it. (ie: The Book Thief, or Curious Incident of the Dog etc.) Anyways the pleasure reading aspect has surprised me.
      About the notes – its lovely that I can highlight and download, as well as annotate. BUT – it is going to be a pain in the ass to clean the notes up in text edit. And I wish they became part of the cloud, rather than having to connect to a computer to download.
      Also it took me a while to remember it wasn’t a touch screen, I am addicted to my iphone. I wish it was for highlighting purposes. The “joystick” is cute and all but it can be a pain because it interrupts the flow of my reading.
      I saw a thing on the economics of it, and it takes about 300-400 books to recoup the cost, but since I had a specific need I went ahead and got it anyway. That said – I can see myself spending WAY too much money on Amazon it is so easy to buy books and receive instant gratification.
      So for those who asked – there it is

      A couple of new thoughts – at first the YA library wasn’t as extensive as I would have liked but it is improving. However last I checked the browse function lumped YA in with children’s chapter books which I didn’t like at all. You needed to know exactly what you wanted. Also I like to share YA books with a couple of people and when I use the Kindle I can’t. However I can access books easier, and when I want them which is fabulous for me, if not for my budget.
      Finally I love the Kindle for travel! Although my husband left it on a plane. A very nice lady got a hold of me via Amazon and email and I got it back. WHEW!

    • Are you doing the same for Eclipse?

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