if I stay

I’ve been drawn to if I stay since I first saw it on the shelf.  I loved the cover, it is simple and graphic, sad and hopeful.  It turns out the cover is totally reflective of the story.  if-i-stay

If I stay is the story of Mia whose family has been involved in a deadly car crash, and now as her body in an ICU, she must decide to stay or go.  That is the plot . . .  but it is more than that.   It is a love story.  Love for her family, her friends, her music, and finally for Adam, her boyfriend.  It travels between her memories, and the moment.

At one point Mia hopes that her memories travel with her if she dies, that they will always be a part of her.  She knows that being dead is like what it must be like before your born, nothingness.  But she values her memories, even the ones she has of the moments before she was born.  I like that.  It is her memories, both of what has become before, and what the future memories may be that save her.  Memories of love, really.

This is a sad story; Mia has lost something that cannot be found.  She may not live, and the rest of her family hasn’t.  But there is hope, because for all she has lost, she still has – family, friends, music, a future.

This book has gotten some attention as of late.  But it wasn’t until I had mentally added it to my TBR that I noticed that attention.

It was, like, all dark and stormy. (Issue with that headline btw)

From The Daily Beast- Is Gayle Forman’s If I Stay the Next Twilight? Answer: No,  and it doesn’t have to be.   And why is it label tween??????  It isn’t a tween novel.   And as for Twilight being tween – ummmmm, I know many, many teen girls (and boys) who read, and re-read this series.  Wait, I’m not supposed to be getting annoyed at media posts about YA that don’t get it just pointing out that they exist for this book.  HuffPo picked this up too.

From 17 mag (who she writes for)

And from people who read and review YA and you know, like it.

Abby the Librarian

Zoe’s Book Reviews

Confessions of a Bibliovore

and many, many, many more.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, librarygrl! I loved that bit about the memories as well. What are we made of but memories?

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  3. Thanks for the background info on this book! I’ve been a bit capricious on whether I should start reading or not but you most definitely made up my mind!

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