Book Ads

Every night when I go to bed I hear this ad (A Long Way From Chicago)on the radio.  There is another one I hear once in a while for Esperanza Rising.  They are part of the Lifelong Literacy campaign from the Library of Congress.  One of the things that I like about the ad is that it doesn’t identify either book as a “children’s book.”  The Physics Teacher asked me if I knew the book, because he was hoping I could tell him what happened next.  He recognized that it was probably YA or middle grade and was hoping I knew what happened next.  I told him to read the book.  🙂

I wonder about this ad campaign.  I used to hear James Patterson ads on the radio – they always make me gnash my teeth – so there must be some evidence that audiotory advertisement works or is it that Patterson’s books make such an obscence amount of money that throwing it away on radio announcements is ok?  But do you think an adult listener would be interested enough to try and find the book and read it?  Or will they just pick it up for the kids in their life?  Does advertising on the radio work for books?

I know one of the reasons I hear the ads so much is I am listening to local sports radio, small station, small town.  They play ads over, and over, and over.  And they rely heavily on PSAs which of course this is.

Has anyone else heard them?  Do you think they work?  What do you think about the ad?


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