i know it’s over

How many times can one person break your heart?

Nick doesn’t expect Sasha, he certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with her. And when he does, he is a little surprised when she agrees to have sex with him. And even more surprised when she breaks up with him. But that is nothing compared to what he feels when she shows up at his house Christmas Eve to tell him she is pregnant.

Pregnant teens seem to be all the rage right now, good and bad. But mostly we are all focused on the girl. There are a couple of books where the boy raises the baby – The First Part Last and Hanging on to Max but this one is a love story from the POV of the boy, and one that ends with an abortion, also from the male POV, which is different.
Abortion is so obviously the right thing to do that I feel like crying. The kid never had a chance from the start.
Nick is conflicted about Sasha’s choices, and it doesn’t help that he still loves her even though they have broken up, but this choice is out of his control, and he really wants to do the right thing. I like that Martin considered that this is an issue for the boy in the relationship as well.

I thought Martin handled both the love story, the sex, and the consequences well.

PS: I haven’t read Slam but that would be another one.


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