Vampire Academy

I said I needed something light and ridiculous, and well, I basically got it.  The Vampire Academy novels are a cross between Gossip Girls, Harry Potter and . .  .  lets see character at boarding school with mysterious power – check, hot guys and mean girls – check, plus we have smartass narrator,  forbidden attraction, lurking danger, and oh yeah – vampires both good and evil.  Still I enjoyed it.  I am a sucker for a smart ass narrator even if she didn’t use the snarky tone enough when narrating.  It was good light beach reading – even though we are talking vampires.  However – this is not necessarily for Twilight fans. 95 % of the time these are just humans with their cliques, and rebellion, and relationships – the Gossip Girl aspect.  5% of the time there is suspenseful action.  But there is none of the tedious nobleness of the Cullen family. (And the tending toward controlling male domination of Edward)  Then again there is DImitri . .

I read the first 2 in the series Vampire Academy – 331 pages and Frostbite 327 pages = 658.  Total read time 7.5 hrs


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