My Most Excellent Year

. . .is a most excellent book.  A laugh out loud, cry a little, believe in the magic of people kind of book.  And I say that even though I hate Red Sox fans, before ’04 I thought they were neurotic whiners, and now they are just smugly neurotic which is a difficult feat to pull off.  And  one of the main characters is not only a Red Sox fan he is named after some unfortunate hitter who got hit in the face with a fast ball, apparently he (the player) was quite the hitter beforehand and well, getting hit in the head with a fastball can ruin a career but this one made a fairly remarkable comeback.   And so the Red Sox plays prominently into this but its Boston so the Kennedy’s do as well, and then there is Mary Poppins.  God, I hope Julie Andrews is half the person they make her out to be in this book.  Seriously.

Told my 3 different people – TC, Augie, and Ali and peppered with IMS and emails from various other people My Most Excellent Year is charming.  However after the third read aloud to my ever so patient husband because I had laughed aloud he asked me “Is that really a Ya book?  because would teens get the references?”  which to be fair he had a point but since it was really about relationships I am not sure it’d matter too much.  But it is much more fun when you do understand the argument about JFK and Bobby Kennedy, and Bucky Fucking Dent (i mean i know all you east coast baseball types get it but come on), and Liza Minelli and well there is more such as All About Eve and Ingrid Bergman and Manzanar and baseball.  And Buck Weaver, and how John Cusak playing Buck Weaver probably did more for his reputation than anything else (and yes, he got screwed – Buck Weaver that is).

OK Pages – 403, Time 3.5 hours


2 Responses

  1. Oh I loved My Most Excellent Year. It was just so much fun to read.

  2. Although eventually the over-the-top wittiness of all the characters got to me, I have to admit that this book made me literally laugh out loud quite a lot. Which is a good thing in my book.

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