My Lost and Found Life

Ashley was the rich homecoming queen with $300 jeans, $500 purses, and an easy life.  Until her mother disappears, accused of embezzling a million dollars.  Now she is losing everything – her friends, her home, her future.  And so it is time to fins a way to live, which is how she ends up living in a trailer behind a gas station and working in a coffee shop.  Ashley never really struck me as a roll over kind of girl so it isn’t all that surprising that she is a survivor, and prett successful at it.  But in truth it is probably on in books or movies that you survive that well, if you call living in a RV with no water or electricity surviving well.  Its just she does have people step up to help her out.  I guess that could happen.  And no one goes too out of their way.  Her friend Nic’s mom is a cardboard villian of the finest order, but the rest of the cast seem like real people.  I didn’t have to suspend disbelief too much.

I think I need a break.

312 pages, 3.5 hours Totals – Pages 1837 Time 20.5 hrs


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