Certain Girls

I didn’t like Good in Bed. What I discovered with that book is that while I enjoy YA chick lit, adult chick lit? Not so much. I expect romantic and physical angst in a 16 year old. In a 26 six year old it seems like nothing more than self indulgent, extended adolescent of the sort that they whine about men engaging in. At some point we have to stop being teenagers. However I decided to read Certain Girls because it was partially from the point of view of a 13 year old, and partially because the narrator had passed beyond the annoying 20s phase, and I recognize that Weiner is a good writer. And I liked this book. I remember the love/ hate push/ pull of my relationship with my mom. And I am old enough now to appreciate how she must have felt. And can you imagine if you mom wrote a semi-fictionalized version of her sex life, of which you were a product. How could you know what was true? And what wasn’t? Especially if Mom is dead set on “protecting” you. . . Gack that’d be confusing. No doubt the book took some not so realistic turns but no so unrealistic that you couldn’t just go along for a ride. What was most interesting is


was the left turn the book took with 50 pages left to go. How in the hell did that happen? Seriously!


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