Kansas Jayhawks

I haven’t posted recently altho’ I have read some things I really like, and I will get around to writing about them but right now I am just wasting some time before tonight’s game so I don’t have to think about how cool it’d be if they won, and how I just don’t think they will (I am a pessimist what can I say? then maybe I won’t be disappointed if they lose, and make winning that much sweeter. right? right?). Plus my, like, bestest friend, and the traitor who went to London for a boy (and is now getting married so I guess it was worth it), will be here tomorrow and we are going to be ladies who lunch (just a little sarcasm) and I am looking forward to that so I just don’t want to think work right now.

Anyways _ Go KU!!!! Rock Chalk, and all that.


One Response

  1. National champs!! How sweet it is! Somebody started a “congratulations” card for Coach Self and the team. Leave your message…


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