Right Behind You

It has been so long since I have posted because nothing I was reading really spun my needle.  I have been in a slump – reading because I should but preferring to couch potato it and surfing cop procedurals (I know – how bad it has been?) but then . . .  ok first off – Gail Giles rocks.  I have unabashed enthusiasm for her books.  So yesterday this one came in the mail (3 new boxes – yippee!) and I thought well, I’ll start with Right Behind You.  Oh my freakin’ god!  (sorry, lord’s name in vain and all that but it had to be said.)  I could hardly put it down last night, and it was just sitting on my desk tempting me, calling my name, so I gave in finally and started reading and I JUST! COULD! NOT! STOP!.  And here is the thing – waiting for the twist ending and it didn’t come but it was such a subtle release that I got all teary eyed and just wanted to share this book.  I have to talk about it.  Now.  With someone.

Basic story line: when he was 9 Kip burned a 7 year old who died.  He spent four years in a mental ward, before being released.  How do you live your life when you are a child murderer?  How do you forgive yourself?  Do you?

Funny, and sad, and you know what, you’ll feel good when its done and how is that possible??????

And the best part I am going to go find something else to read right now – I am not going to catalog books, or work on my presentation, and will try not be annoyed when I have to help kids (actually I won’t be but no teachers better interrupt me to talk about technology. ), and I am going to call it work.


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  1. […] been sort of going down hill, which isn’t to say I didn’t like them but you know after Right Behind You and Such a Pretty Girl they didn’t, you know, blow me […]

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