Recent Reads

I haven’t been keeping up so I am going to just list my recent reads and brief impressions:

Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall – In keeping with the summer theme of people who hate themselves just a little bit (see: Hannah BakerTyler, and even Naomi) Tessa finds herself facing some not so great memories of her life after an unfortunate dodgeball accident leaves her dead? or in a coma?  or something. . .   Tessa is not as sympathetic as Tyler or Hannah, for that matter but she does have some growing to do, some self forgiveness to practice, and she deserves a second chance.

Ironside – This is the only urban fairy tale [series] that I like.  Mostly I like the themes of identities in different worlds, the miscommunications with people we love, betrayal and sacrifice, and the blurring of good and evil, in which it is not what we accept, or what it seems.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus, Vol. 1 I admit it, I am a fan.  But you know how a movie can sometime ruin a book, or a book can ruin a movie because the characters are not what you picture in your head?  I had that problem with this collection.  Particularly with Spike.

And I suppose I should say something about the boy wizard.  I haven’t read the book, I probably won’t.  Harry was such a joyless brat in Book 5 that I came to not care whether he lived or died.  :::gasp::: I know I am a cold hearted evil grinch, but I just don’t.  But I am glad to hear this is one of the best she has done.  And as for the rest that is as far as I’ll go.  Oh but I did read the last chapter and the epilogue, and I have an opinion about that but I’ll keep my grinchiness to myself.


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