This was the kind of book that I had to put down because my stomach was Twisted. You could see the train coming, but you just couldn’t get off the tracks. And yet minutes after I put it down I had to read it again, keep going until the end. There is something sad about good people who don’t know they’re good, caught in bad circumstances. Reminded me of Hannah Baker. I liked Tyler, he is a good guy who has enough of an edge to keep him real. He isn’t the loser he thinks he is. And sooner or later in life he’ll figure that out.

Tyler is not a popular kid (I love how his sister describes popularity, it is spot on in my experience, read it and find out), but over the summer his reputation has changed (ooooohhhhh……he’s dangerous), and now he has muscles, he is even a little hot and now Bethany seems like she is interested.  But Tyler doesn’t really know the “rules” and he isn’t really prepared, and like I said, he is a nice guy – he isn’t really dangerous.  And here comes the train wreck.

It is interesting that Tyler reminds me of Hannah Baker because they are both looking to take the same way out. . . .


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