Plain Janes

Warning: What follows in a gross generalization, but like all generalizations I think there is a kernel of truth. 

There are certain things I don’t cop to in certain company. 1) In a room full of English teachers (at least those who don’t already know) I try not to mention my dislike of The Catcher in the Rye, if those teachers are women I also omit my dislike for Jane Austen. 2) In a room full of school librarians I only whisper that I didn’t find Chris Crutcher’s latest brilliant, and that they all seem to have the EXACT SAME  voice, and 3) I am hesitant to mention in the kidlitosphere, particularly YA, that I am not a huge fan of Cecil Castellucci.  OK -don’t get me wrong I don’t hate her stuff, she just isn’t on my must read list.  I wasn’t sent over the moon by Boy Proof like many people were.  I enjoyed it, but it didn’t make my top ten.  And I still haven’t gotten around to Queen of Cool. Fabulous cover, though.

BUT . . . I did read The Plain Janes.  I don’t normally read graphic novels or comic books (except Fables, which I adore and Blankets which is in my top ten most favorite – est books), but I liked the concept of The Plain Janes – a girl gang doing guerrilla art in suburban neighborhoods.  Now that I think of it I really like the concept.  I had a quibble about the over reaction of the adults but then I thought about the crazy lady supporting the touching ban in some school (no hugs, no high fives – please) and maybe it isn’t unrealistic, over reactive; more actual crazy adult in the modern age.  So overall – I really liked this book.


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  1. I hear ya. As a female librarian, I cannot talk about my disdain for Little Women. Ugh. I do like the Plain Janes. I was ready not to. Really ready not to. But then, I did.

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