Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

How much of our personality is about our memories?  How many of the things we do, or believe in, are about what others expect of us, or the corners we have painted ourselves into  due to our vehement pronouncements, pride, or inability to admit we are wrong?  If we lose four years of memories do we reinvent ourselves?  Or will we find our way back to the person we once were?

In Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Naomi faces herself, without the past four years of memories to help define her.  A trip down the school steps has left her without four years of memories.  She no longer is consumed by yearbook activities, she might want to talk to her mother, she cannot understand what she saw in her boyfriend, Ace, and is intrigued by the new boy James.  She has a part in the school play, new friends, and a question about what kind of person she really is.

There is more to the story because James is hiding from his past, willing it not to become his future.  But it is not easy to keep that from happening.  Just like one day Naomi’s memories will return  . . . . maybe.

At first I thought I was ho hum about this book, but then I realized I consumed it.  Barely put it down for the day to day things you must do to survive, like eat.  And since the next book I read didn’t do that for me I reconsidered.

I like the questions Naomi asks herself.  The questions the story made me consider.  It was a well written, interesting read.


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