Urban Fairies

I don’t know why I keep insisting on reading urban fairy stories.  Damn you Holly Black.  I blame you for me enjoying Valiant so much that I keep thinking I might enjoy other urban fairy stories.  I mean the fact that I slogged through The Blue Girl (which I know other people loved) should have clued me into the fact that this really isn’t my genre.  But no . . . . I keep trying.  And the latest was Betwixt, set in Portland which was the one thing I kind of liked.  I don’t usually blog about books that I don’t like or that don’t spin my needle but I’ve been thinking about this genre thing.  I mean, its not that I hated Betwixt, it was ok, but mostly I wasn’t overwhelmed.  And I realized I felt the same way about The Blue Girl.  I think it is about this particular sub-genre.  So I will read Ironside – because it is Holly Black but no more Urban Fairies!

One thing about the actual book – Betwixt- do you find it interesting when there is a character you think you are supposed to like but you don’t?  I felt that way about Morgan, the mean girl.  It was like on some level you should feel empathy for her, or at least understand her, but I didn’t.  I always find that interesting, the question: is the author unsuccessful, or was that the intent?  And how important is it?


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  1. Try Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr…

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