Breathe my Name

I don’t often read for plot.  I enjoy a good story but if the voice of the characters doesn’t catch me, or doesn’t sound authentic I don’t usually keep reading.  And Breathe My Name is a pretty good example of why that is.  Frances has a secret,  a secret name and a secret past and it is all about to catch up with her. Sounds pretty good right?  It was – I enjoyed the story, the journey she takes.  Except.  Except at times the dialogue rang false, even her internal dialogue and it would jar me into thinking “Now what is wrong with that line?”  Occasionally when I read ARCs mistakes will do that and I forgive that of course, but this was more than that.  Because it happened a lot, it was the voice the character used, and something about it didn’t ring true.  IT was like the difference between how people talk, and reading dialogue.  Nelson’s dialogue was just a bit off to me.  BUT . . . I still finished the story.  I was interested enough to keep reading – which, you know, says something about the strength of the plot so I am thinking it will be a great read for some people, and others maybe not so much.
OK Plot:  Something terrible happened to Frances when she was a little girl, and her mother was responsible.  Now her mother is out of the psychiatric facility where she has been since she was found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, and she wants to see Frances.  But her overprotective parents won’t let her, so she runs away with her boyfriend (the first one) to find her mother, and I guess closure, but there is so much more that she finds.


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