13 Reasons Why

Hannah Baker has committed suicide.  Now two weeks later Clay finds a box on his doorstep with 7 cassette tapes (remember those?).  On those tapes is Hannah’s voice, an explanation of sorts, a long suicide letter.  The little things that led to the end of Hannah’s life.  In the beginning those incidents seem small, but there cumulative effect, leading up to a bigger events.  But really what is obvious as you learn Hannah’s story as Clay listens to the tapes and visits places marked on her map, is that no one really knew her, and perhaps that was Hannah as much as the people around her.  And she in turn didn’t give the right people a chance.   Or maybe she did.
Asher writes in two voices, interwoven throughout the story.  Clay’s voice as he listens to the tapes, goes through the roller coaster of emotions, and Hannah’s which has a roller coaster of emotion all of it’s own.  It is a tough thing to pull off, but he does. In truth I had a hard time getting a handle on Hannah, but that is what everyone else had to – no one really knew her.
This was a hard book to put down, I wanted to know the outcome, or should I say the reasons for the outcome.  Someone else said in review this book (sorry, not sure which blog) that she got the feeling this was all stuff Hannah could have lived through, the adult perspective.  Oh my yes do I have to agree with that.
Another book with similar themes, well not really but somewhat like this was Aimee by Mary Beth Miller.


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  2. […] protagonists have seem like less of a deal to me, than to them.  For sure I felt this way about Hannah Baker.  I have this sort of adult voice in my head that says you will get over this, sure it’ll be […]

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