48 Hour Challenge Wrap

Its a wrap and I am officially done – well there is an hour left on my 48 but I must get ready for work so . . .

Finishing with the Judy Blume essays was perfect. (even though I didn’t finish the essays.) It got me thinking about the social nature of reading, a non-social activity on the surface. I read blogs to keep up with what is going on the book world, what’s new, the loony people who won’t leave Harry Potter (or Maureen Johnson) alone, and because it is where I find new books. Sometimes it is from people who I feel like I know and whose reading tastes are similar to mine, or it is the buzz around a book from people who I trust actually read YA (and not some silly radio advertisement for Maximum Ride -to which I refuse to link!), or because the review really makes me want to read the book. For this challenge I read 2 books I found this way – Wuthering High, and Between Georgia which I would never have picked up without having read Gods in Alabama found through some unremembered blog recommendation. I like the informal nature of blog reviews, for me it is the social aspect of reading. The excitement of sharing or finding a really good book and I am looking forward to reading other people’s reviews, summaries, and experiences.

So really the challenge was a great excuse for me to lay around and read – which I did. But I actually got to thinking about more than that last night. And it kind of turned out to be more than just a reading gorge-fest. Hey, thanks Judy Blume. And thanks MotherReader.

Last night I found just when I thought I was done – I really wasn’t. I wanted to read more and so I did until I could no longer keep my eyes open.

Final Totals: Books 8.5 books Hours: 24.25 hours and Pages:2623

Favorite Book: Toss up – The Nature of Jade, Between, Georgia

Least Favorite: You, Maybe


One Response

  1. WOW you really rocked this! I learn a lot about books I want to read from blogging too. Isn’t it great?

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