Wuthering High

I read about this book a while ago over on Bookshelves of Doom.  And while I don’t always agree with Leila  (who I don’t actually know)I often do and  she made this one sound like one I couldn’t miss.  In particular because it has that insider’s camp feel to it – kind of like Boys that Bite did.  So when I went down to Borders for more YA it was with this in mind.  Of course the special order was in so I was momentarily distracted. But it seemed like it would be good to finish up on because I am awful close to hitting a reading wall.  It was an insider camp job to some extent but it had all the ghosty, witchy, stuff that I enjoy when looking for something that goes down easy.  Better than the color series (Stolarz, not the Christian one) because it took itself less seriously, sufficient literary references to amuse me but without sending me off to sparks notes like The Eyre Affair did.  (I am sorry I have tried, and tried, to read Jane Eyre but I have never been successful.)  Anyways I think thats it for now.  I still have hours left but I am a little worded out.

I’ll post final tomorrow when i am sure I am done – officially.

Totals  Books: 8 Hours: 21 hrs 45 min Pages: 2456


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