What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know

YIPPEE!!!  A while back I saw this was coming out, and I got my dates all screwed up.  I reread What my Mother Doesn’t Know to get all set for the sequel and . . .  it wasn’t out yet.  So I ordered it and when I went down to Borders (the only book story- indie or not – in town) to get more YA reading material it was in.  I love Robin Murphy – even if he is an ass at various points in this book.  I mean the guy is just trying to find himself, and so is Sophie, and that can be a tough thing.  No matter how old you are.   You knew it wasn’t going to be easy when Sophie made her choice, choices usually aren’t or they’re not worth as much.

I am pretty much over the novel in verse thing – I can appreciate it when it is done well, but for Robin and Sophie I’ll read in verse.

Totals: Books: 7* Hours: 19hr 15 min Pages: 2199*

* Ok there is a little cheating going on with the page and book count cuz this is a verse novel and I was trying to stick with prose but I have been WAITING for this book and I have NO patience so there it is.


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