The Road of the Dead

So I just now finished Kevin Brooks’ The Road of the Dead which I have been wanting to read since it first came out. And can I just say – Wow. Its like a western with revenge and retribution and the white hats and the black hats – the good people and the bad. I’ve always appreciated Brooks’ work but I haven’t loved it – I loved this one. One of the things that is nice about today is that I have taken off the critical hat and am just reading, letting books speak to me. I liked the action, the atmospherics, the plot, and the compelling relationship between the brothers. Interesting that like the first one I read today – The Nature of Jade this one is about family too – in a different way.

It took a little longer – I took a trip to the beach with the dogs. Its a Humboldt County summer day which is to say gray but what we consider warm – most of the rest of the world would consider it cool I am guessing. There were a few rain drops. But it was low tide, and silent on the bay, and the birds were all we could hear.

So the current count is – 3 books, 875 pgs, and 9 hours


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  1. Off to a great start and making good time. The beach visit sounds like a lovely break and the sea air will be invigorating. Why you’ll be up all night reading now.

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