So when I asked the Physics teacher what our plans were for this weekend so I could decide whether or not to do this he made fun of me……. more than once.  But this morning he brought me home sustenance in the form of salt and vinegar chips and soda.  He is forgiven.

I just finished POP! and all I really have to say is that it is patently ridiculous that Borders wouldn’t put this on their shelves (I seem to remember that – right?).  I mean Anatomy of a Boyfriend was on the shelves and there was way more sex in that.

This was fun, and I think Aury Wallington got something right in the way relationships change, and the pain that it causes but it wasn’t a blow me over book.  I mean I’ve read better, of course.   Mostly my reaction is  . . . meh

Total read time: 5 hrs 15 min give or take Total Pages: 536


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