Peter and the Starcatchers

I won’t forget when Peter Pan 
came to my house, took my hand

I said I was a boy I’m glad he didn’t check.  –When I was a boy by Dar Williams

This is my fourth and most likely final book for the day.  The kid in my life has been after me to read it and  it seemed like a good time to get to it.  Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories, I remember lying in bed and thinking that maybe tonight he’d show up and take me to Neverland.  I was more interested in being a Lost Boy, rather than a mother, but who I truly wanted to be was Tinker Bell – jealous little bitch and all.  She was also smart.  And fairly independent, although I am sure much can be made of her sacrifice.  But she just seemed like she had fun.

I liked the first book, the take on Peter and Hook, it seemed fresh and fun.  This one not as much.  It was adventurous and all but it seemed as if it strayed a bit much from the Barrie story.  I probably wouldn’t read any more if they come out with them – no matter how much I love Peter.

Hours since I started:  Hours reading:12 hrs 45 min or so  Books: 4 Pages: 1416


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