So after the Au Pairs fiasco I decided to try Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.  Now admittedly this is not light reading – in subject or in physical nature of the book.  At 662 pages it was a little difficult to hold, and didn’t really work for reading in bed.  It is all in poems so it didn’t take as long as 600+ pages normally would.  As for subject matter – since all three narrators are in a treatment facility after attempting suicide – well, yeah, the subject was as weighty as the book.

I breezed through Hopkin’s first book Crank, and when I was finished I was surprised by the fact that it stuck with me.  It was a much better book than I thought it was on first glance.  But I am not sure I’d say that about Impulse.  I enjoyed it – to a point.  I remember thinking about a quarter of the way in that something about her books rings a little Beatrice Sparks anonymous diary to me.  It swerved into the preachy I think.

That being said I think people will enjoy it – you know the Child Called It crowd.  Or Go Ask Alice.  Conner’s parents were god frickin’ awful.  And Tony’s life was too – his back story may have been a little much.


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