Product Placement

I think it is not exaggerating to say I have seen the sun a total of 2 hours in the past 6 days (although it is peeking through the clouds as I write this – too bad I have no windows in the book cave).  It is June 6th which means it should be warm, sunny sundress weather.   I should be complaining about it being too hot to teach.  But I live in the Humboldt County with it foggy, drippy summers.  And it is the end of the school year which means I am doing all this clerical library stuff that I hate – shelf shifting, textbook collection (AARGH – textbooks), equipment, etc. etc.  And since it was raining on JUNE 5TH!  I decided what I need to put me in a summer mood was a summer read.  (see I am getting to the book part of this rant)

I picked up Sun – Kissed which is part of the AuPairs series.  I liked the first book.   I mean I saw it for what it was – absolute mindless, beautiful people in some world that doesn’t exist, having perfect lives with semi – ridiculous conflicts, wrapped up in a pretty pink bow by the end of the story.  But it was light, and fun and a true beach read.  So what better to get me in a summer mood but another au pairs novel.

I am only on page 42 and that is as far as I will be reading.  I hate it when I am descending into a story only to be jerked out by incongruity.  And the name dropping branding in this book was distracting.  I don’t need to know about the  “Michael Stars t-shirt, pink-and-green Lilly Pulitzer clam diggers, and Tory Burch for TRB wedge sandals.” * while she is packed in Coach suitcases.  Not to mention – the character is supposed to be POOR!  The shoes alone are probably over $200.  And sure there is an explanation for the suitcases but come on . . . . .

There has been plenty of hand wringing over product placement in YA lit.  And I’ve always sort of rolled my eyes because it is my opinion that teens are way more media savvy than we give them credit for and they see product placement for what it is.  Although a few I’ve talked to directly about it seem to think they and their peers are susceptible to media pressure.  Although that acknowledgment alone  suggests more media savvy than adults want to give them credit for at times.

But when it is inconsistent with a character – headed off to college as a poor students spending 500 dollars on an outfit – and every sentence.  I am hardly exaggerating – it annoys even me.  So not worth finishing.  Disappointing.

Need a new beach read I guess.

* I link only to point out the costs.


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