Summer Reading

There are a few days of school left – 4 weeks I think.  Which means besides the library being insanely busy, trying to maintain normal daily activities and closing activities really what I am thinking about is what I am going to read this summer.  On my A to Z list I have made very little progress so those books are out there to read – I have read the I, J, R but not anything else – although I have a few more to add.  But I have been adding new books to the library recently and so now I have a whole new list to read.  Of course to be honest the chance of me actually reading these is a little like this cartoon since I usually get distracted.

All that being said here are some titles I got in recently that I am interested in.

The Blind Side – probably will be my non-fiction sports reading this summer

IronsideHolly Black

Malinche – Laura Esquivel

City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Skylight Confessions – Alice Hoffman

Dramarama – e. lockhart

The New Policeman – Kate Thompson

Wikinomics – probably won’t get through it

The Search – the book on Google, ditto Wikinomics

The Possibility of Fireflies -Dominique Paul

Ines of my Soul – Isabel Allende

Eagle Blue – Oh yeah, more sports non fiction

Haters – Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

The Keep – Jennifer Egan


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