Why I hate sequels

That isn’t really true, if I love a book I look forward to sequels but here are two things that keep me from loving them. So the first is when the second doesn’t live up to the first (hellooo, New Moon, season 2 of Veronica Mars, I could go on) but here is what I really hate. If there is a long time between books I don’t remember what happened in the first. And why is this a problem for me right now? Because What My Girlfriend Doesn’t know is coming out. Only I thought it was already out. So I re-read What My Mother Doesn’t Know, barreled through it really – even read in the car on the way home from work. Don’t worry I wasn’t driving. And as soon as I finished it I jumped in my car, drove down to Borders (there are NO decent indie stores in Eureka, and it was too late to drive back up to Arcata plus I doubt Northtown would have had it). Anyways I get to Borders all excited to keep reading and . . . they don’t have it. Which surprises me because they have lots of the paperback of What My Mother etc. So finally I break down and look it up on the computer and ITS NOT OUT YET. Grrrrrrr……….. Now I have fairly regular temper tantrums at Borders, I can be the crazy lady talking to herself in the books. But I managed to maintain my severe disappointment and leave with no books. Now I have to decide to reread what my mother – again in a month. HMMMPF.


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  1. […] 10th, 2007 at 3:55 pm (48 hr challenge, teen books, Books) YIPPEE!!!  A while back I saw this was coming out, and I got my dates all screwed up.  I reread What my Mother […]

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