Dairy Queen

So after I got back from my pancake breakfast I sat in the sun and finished this book. Which I loved! So much that I did all my gushing to the physics teacher, who could have cared less, but indulged me nonetheless because I can be difficult to stop once I get going, and if he listened I’d help with the yard work that he’d been slaving over while I indulged in sunshine and reading.

I love DJ. I haven’t enjoyed a female voice this much since Virginia in The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things. She is charming and self deprecating, she is funny unintentionally in a way that is also poignant. I am guessing if I told you the plot – keeping a farm going, training a football player in secret, and falling for that football player you might roll your eyes like I did – but the book is so much more than its plot. But seriously how great are cows named after football players? Although getting rid of Joe Namath so early on was a little disappointing.

And as for DJ’s choices, and playing football, and not caring, well caring but not letting it stop her, that Brian was on the opposing team. Perfect, and true to her character.

And the pink foil cow on the inside cover – adorable, wish it was on the dust jacket.


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