Reading and Guilt

So I have been reading – really. And I feel guilty for not writing about what I’ve read. I find that if I don’t do it immediately I never do so I am going to give a quick overview of what I have read and what I thought and if you want me to expand leave a note in the comments and I tell you more in a later post.

So before I read the wrestling book, I read Just in Case which is Meg Rosoff’s newest. I love the way she puts words together. Describing the plot of both of her books doesn’t make we want to read the book but I just know I am going to love the language of the book. In this instance David (Justin Case) has a brush with Fate, that makes him decide fate is out to get him, so he tries to hide from fate by disguising himself. I know huh? And the thing is the main character is self absorbed in his quest to elude fate to the point of ridiculousness, and making the reader just want to slap him. But still there are moments of brilliance. I wish I had the book in front of me to point a few out but alas, I do not.

Another book I read was The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea. I have been waiting a year to read this book – seriously. Which may have been a little too long because I was slightly disappointed. I’m not sure what I expected, maybe more magical realism, more Tersita, less other characters. Speaking of language though, I learned a lot about how to cuss in Spanish. I did enjoy it, I’d recommend it, my dad read it and adored it, but it didn’t rock my world.

So while I was on vacation I had other literary fiction type reads with me, but you what, I needed beach reads so I kind of came to a screeching halt. I had one mind candy read with me and it made such an impression I don’t even remember what it was. How bad is that? I mean I enjoyed it at the time but it just did not stick. The point of this is that I came home in a bit of a reading slump. But then I read a blog entry about Travis McGee. I love Travis McGee books – I have read the series from beginning to end more than once. I have fantasies about taking a bath aboard the Busted Flush. And sometimes when you are in a reading slump you have to return to comfort food so I spent a weekend reading The Deep Blue Good-bye, Nightmare in Pink, and A Purple Place for Dying. I started The Quick Red Fox but I got distracted by 21 Proms and the 8 boxes of brand new books the library has received. (WOOHOO!!!!!)

This weekend I read The Rules of Survival – ummm – a little depressing. And the format – letter to his sister was jarring to me. I also read On the Head of a Pin – even MORE depressing. I really needed so happy happy joy joy after that. Which hello —sunny day on the beach, come home to a victory of Texas and a number one seed Go Jayhawks!!!!. That is good happy happy joy joy, just don’t go out in the first round.

Hey also check out my LibraryThing catalog.  Mostly I am using it to keep track of what I want to read.


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  1. As far as your reading selections go, I say: Kudos. Those books sound really interesting, I might just take a gander at them myself. But now let’s get down to business: KU ALL THE WAY! Even though Texas had that game against them in regulation, Pretty much Rush and Wright are going to dominate the filed. Jay-hawks!

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