Homage to Forever

When I was in high school I had a friend, Jennifer, with whom I used to swap books. More significantly we swapped books with the pages that had the steamy scenes marked. We were big fans of Sydney Sheldon (which is more than a little embarrassing to admit.) Of course Forever by Judy Blume was one of those shared books, not that the sex was steamy in that book. I mention this because apparently this was a common shared experience for my generation. And now there are books that reference Forever, or are dedicated to Judy Blume, or are the direct descendants of Forever. One of these books is A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl, in which the characters leave messages to one another about a boy in the back of the library copy of Forever (by the way I do not recommend this.) It is one of those things that is just known at school. Not that anyone actually heeds the advice but that is another story altogether. There are other ways in which Stone’s book reference Forever, in that it is a descendant of the frank, honest approach Blume takes to her character’s romantic and physical experiences.

Another title that echoes Forever (known for being the first teen book where the girl has sex and doesn’t get “punished” for it by getting pregnant, a disease, or dying) is Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky. Snadowsky dedicates the book to Judy Bume. Dominique is a senior in high school, has never had a boyfriend is absolutely convinced that boys just get in the way. Then she meets Wes, and well, things change. I am not sure how authentic the course of the relationship really is, but the end of it is well, pretty typical in my experience. And I guess that is kind of a spoiler, but really it is about getting to the end that is the story, and what is important anyways. So this is one of the books Jennifer and I would have swapped, and discussed in this overly analytical, psuedo-mature manner. Which is to say the physical experiences, run the gamut, and are described in a fairly frank manner. And, unlike Syndey Sheldon, not even remotely romanticized.

I’m not big on books where I see what is coming and it is cringe-worthy embarrassing and this book has a few of those moments. I like Dom, like her best friend, not so fond of Wes (not sure I am supposed to be but he just seems, well, kind of dumb and not so nice – I never trust him.)

You know there are some other books that kind of fit in this whole homage to Forever thing but off the top of my head not sure what they are.


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