A to Z – almost

I have been feeling guilty because I haven’t posted in a while. But I just didn’t have anything to say, well nothing book related or blog appropriate. It isn’t that I haven’t been reading – I have. A collection of stories by Paul Laurence Dunbar that I had to translate because the dialect was so heavy, but the stories were often wonderful. And I made the physics teacher drive all over Corpus Christi so I could get the 1-800-Where Are You book, Missing You, by Meg Cabot which I read in a day. And I finally read Order of the Poison Oak, the sequel to Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. But I don’t know I just didn’t have anything to say. Right now I am reading The Road to Cosmos – a collection of short stories by Bill Meissner which I think is amazing, although I am planning on a break for some serious mind candy – Forever in Blue. But only because I can read Ann Brashares and watch basketball at the same time. Anyways all of this is a long winded way of saying I feel guilty for not posting. See it is not usual for me to have nothing to say.

Anyways while I was debating what to write about, and considering my top five books of the last year I came across a blog entry with an A-Z list of books to read next year and I thought that’d be a cool idea. Problem being – it is way harder than it looks, and I suck at sticking to reading lists. But here is my list -which will need some additions over the next few weeks because some letters do not have a title.

A – Alphabet of Dreams – one of the few books that crosses my desk that I hadn’t heard about but still want to read.

B – (A) Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life – Came out last year, haven’t gotten to it but has good blog reviews (I think it has been short listed for a Cybil)





G- Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew. I have had this on my shelf for forever, and keep meaning to get to it, maybe now I will.

H- (The) Hummingbird’s Daughter – I saw this in the airport last Feb. and wanted to read it then. I finally bought a copy this summer but when I hadn’t read it by the time school started I decided to wait until I go to Mexico in Feburary. The London traitor, otherwise known to those of you who know her as Ms. McBride, said she loved it.

I – Incantation. I love Alice Hoffman.

J – Just in Case I found How I Live Now late, but I adored it so I am adding this.


L – Life As We Know It

M – (The) Murder of Bindy Mackenzie. I keep looking at this in the bookstore and putting off buying it, but I think I am going to break down and get it soon.

N –

O – One Good Turn. I loved the first book with this character, Case Histories, and I’ve been awaiting this one. Another one I keep circling in the bookstore.

P- Playing it Cool – I like the cover and I’ve been wanting to read it.


R- (The) Rules of Survival – Love Nancy Werlin, and this has buzz from people I respect.

S – Secret Society Girl – I think, and I could be totally wrong about this, that this is floating around my house taunting me to read it.

T – Twisted. Laurie Halse Anderson’s new book, we’ll see.

U –


W – What my Girlfriend Doesn’t Know – A follow up to What my Mother Doesn’t Know.




So that is it – lots of blanks. Any suggestions to fill it out?


8 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed FEED, by M.T. Anderson, for an F.

    KETURAH AND LORD DEATH, by Martine Leavitt, for a K. It’s a beautiful, fairy-tale like story. It was up for a National Book Award this year, along with another M.T. Anderson title, Octavian Nothing.

    If you haven’t read VALIANT, by Holly Black, I loved that.

    I haven’t read CITY OF BONES, by Cassandra Clare, but that’s out this year, and it’s supposed to be fabulous.

    All of these are YA.

    And, once you are done with Secret Society Girl, there’s a sequel, UNDER THE ROSE, which comes out in June. In case you’re interested. 😉

  2. Glad you’re enjoying THE ROAD TO COSMOS.
    good wishes,
    Bill Meissner

  3. hey for the letter P…how about “the perks of being a wallflower”? have you read that one!! it’s uuuber good!

  4. I loved perks too, but it has been a while since I read it.

  5. For V-The virgin suicides, it’s a bit of a complex read, and the style is a little difficult but you get the hang of it. The book like usual is way better then the movie, books always have the original content while movies have to edit and cut out a bunch of things.

  6. […] book I read was The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea. I have been waiting a year to read this book – seriously. Which may have been a little too long because I was slightly disappointed. I’m […]

  7. Ive got a book to fill the c spot. Its called COLLAPSE by Jarrid Diamond. A professor who ties his own personal knowledge and a wide arrange of hard science and historical content to account for events through out history. He goes in and describes and explains the rise and fall of societies. Anyhow i liked it, but thats just me.

  8. […] closing activities really what I am thinking about is what I am going to read this summer.  On my A to Z list I have made very little progress so those books are out there to read – I have read the I, J, R but […]

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