School Reading

Lest you all think that I read girly books all the time, and only read what I want I thought I’d let you know about my “school reading” these days. My school reading is stuff I read for which I will write a review for SLJ or VOYA, and stuff I am reading for a selection committee. I am finding that I have to reward myself in between some of this stuff with pleasure reading, personal reading, mind candy . . . whatever I call it.

Some of the stuff is great, I blew through Berlin  (sadistic killer mystery in Post WWII Berlin) in a day, stayed up to finish it. On a reviewer level I have some quibbles, and the language used to describe “romantic encounters” was a little too “porn” for my taste, not that I’m all Harlequin romance reader with throbbing and heaving, but there just has to be a solid in between, you know.

And I am enjoying the Walker Percy sort-of-biography because I find the arrangement interesting. It isn’t really a biography, it is reminiscences of Walker Percy, and because they come from different people they provided a fractured, stained glass approach to biography that is really fascinating. But the 2 600 page books on the Midwest – YAWN. How on earth am I going to get through this book. I mean seriously?!? I have to read this. Shoot me now. I am really going to have to discipline myself to read 50 pages a day or something. So you know, about school reading, I sympathize, I really do. I am not even sure how I got myself involved in this selection committee, I guess I have to learn to say “No.”   Not that I don’t love other selection committees, like, oh I don’t know, Quick Picks.

The other problem with this “school reading” no way can I do this and watch sports at the same time. I’ll have to focus, which is guaranteed to make my mind wander off to some other compelling thought, or stress.

And speaking of sports 2 things – NFL network idea with Thursday night games – bad idea. I didn’t get to watch the game last night, while I tried to read Walker Percy’s biography because I have regular cable, and it wasn’t on a local affiliate, which I thought it was supposed to be. And I now bad game and all that but still . . . And the second thing, could we have a little more college basketball right about now, I know its finals and vacation but I had just settled into the season, and *poof* its gone. Blech!

OK so I finish the Walker Percy biography and treat myself to something I really want to read – what do you think? Kiki Strike? Cathy’s Book? Learning to Play Gin? Maybe re-read Rats Saw God? Oh and here is another thing – does finishing Fables count as an in-between read? I promised to read Into the Wild one of these days, should I read that next? Oh so many books, maybe I can have a job where I read all day long. Thought that is what I did – didn’t you? But really there just isn’t enough time, and I have all this school reading.


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  1. I have to say I agree with the whole not having enought college basketball right now. Not to say that I am a big sport fanatic, but after a week of watching nothing but the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and whatever other bowls there have been lately. I would much rather watch a basketball game. In my opinion they are much more exciting to watch.

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