Mind Candy

Having spent last weekend in Chicago discussing Web 2.0 in school libraries, while reading both No Great Mischief, and Cross X. I was ready for some mind candy this weekend. No Great Mischief is a wonderful book, sparse and beautiful, its depth revealed simply. And Cross X is a large tome on high school debate, race, corruption in public education, and a whole host of serious topics. I enjoyed them both but my brain needed a rest. So besides catching up on tv – I love tivo- I read mind candy.

I started with Cheating at Solitaire by Ally Carter, which is solid chick lit romance. I liked Julia James the decidedly single self help author. She didn’t annoy me like other twenty something whiney chick lit romance heroines do. Mostly because I at least related a little to her whining since it was all about her career being over, ignoring the obviously hot and available guy living unexpectedly in her house. I mean he was ruining her career – how dare he?!? It was completely predicatable but a comfortable read.

Also predictable was Patricia Cornwall’s Predator. I’ve been reading the Kay Scarpetta books for years and to be frank, I am not sure why I keep reading them. I hate the direction she has taken the characters, I don’t really find them likable. And the mysteries have become predictable, hardly ever surprising me. For the last 3 books I have been wondering why I keep reading the series, and I am not sure I have an answer, although it is mind candy for me – something I don’t really have to work at. So do you keep reading series, long after you are really interested in them? What makes you give them up?

PS: I am noticing this doesn’t display well in Explorer – sorry, but I also have to shrug at that fact.


3 Responses

  1. I also find myself wanting to read certain books. However, it is hard for me to make the time I need.

  2. Mysteries are always predictable and that why i stopped reading them in 6th grade. Only fiction books with a mytery element in them turn out to be a real mystery, one that is exciting, but also surprising.

  3. Yeah, I find books that sound interesting, and that I would like to check out and find more about. But balancing homework, sports, friends, and family I often find myself too tired to read or even focus on easy tasks. Time is definitely a factor.

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